Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil Jam


Item number:
Aceites Supremo S.L.
100 gr
Mermelada Aceite Oliva Virgen Extra
Mermelada Aceite Oliva Virgen Extra


Jelly of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the variety Picual of Oils Supreme. An innovation in the world of jams with which to accompany a multitude of dishes (meats, canapés, chocolates, pâtés, cheeses, desserts) or simply enjoy with bread in the breakfasts or snacks. Made with AOVE, water, sugar and xanthan gum, without any kind of additives or preservatives. This jam has touches more marked and bitter than the variety Arbosana, so it has an amazing personality on the palate. Presented in a 100g bottle, it should be stored in a cool, dry and low light so that it does not lose its properties. Once opened, its conservation must be cold and consumed within 7 days.


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